the cone of silence

 If I could have my way, I should desperately like someday to invent a machine that could dispense a cone of silence.     I’ve always had quite a significant problem with unwelcome noise.    With a cone of silence machine, anytime someone got sick and tired of loud voices, low-flying aircraft and any other impossibly loud noise he could simply drop a few coins into a slot and purchase a cone that would suppress all unwelcome sound.    A machine such as this could come in quite handy for people who work at airports, with music, or anywhere else where excessive noise is inevitable.   It would also be quite a welcome advantage at parties.    Often someone may enjoy the atmcone_titleosphere at a party but dread the inevitable overdose of volume.    Of course it would have to be devised in a way that could keep everyone at least reasonably happy.   I should like to figure out a way to make sure that the cone could eliminate all unnecessary noises but that when one wears it, he could still hear all that he has to hear, especially while he’s at work or school.   It would have to be very lightweight and portable.    If it’s done the right way it could be available in vending machines around the world.   Imagine all the anxiety and panic attacks, and angry outbursts, that could be avoided entirely with a cone of silence.

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