the wafting summer aromas   

It’s always been quite difficult for me to choose only one specific scent that strikes me as the definitive summer smell.    There are all sorts of beautiful smells that come from flowers and other plants in general.     The smell of suntan lotion and and skin care products can have quite an impact on people too.    It’s yet another variety of aroma that is restricted to only the warm weather.    I also truly enjoy the smell of chlorine in a pool .    Barbecued meat, including beef, pork, chicken and all sorts of other fine dishes, really captures my attention.   Ever since I was a kid I’ve always really enjoyed these smells.     For as far back as I can remember I’ve always tended to notice distinctive, out of the way things anyway, including scents.    Summer’s air has always been filled with good things.    Warm weather in general has always brought out the best in me.    I really wish spring and summer could last throughout the year.    Autumn loses its charm after only a fairly short time and winter is absolute hell.   Summer scents are so enjoyable precisely because they’re associated with only such a very short time frame.    They’re exactly as enjoyable now that I’m an adult as they were when I was very much younger.



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