sleepy time time

At least throughout my entire adult life, I’ve never been able to sleep well.   I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with voluntary sleep procrastination.    Especially when I absolutely have to be up for something important the next morning I shall do all I possibly can to get to bed as soon as possible.   Often I cheat a little by reading a bit more or hanging around without officially going to bed.   My problem with bedtime isn’t one last chore, hobby, conversation or anything like that.    It’s a major shortage of sleep.   Around here we often don’t eat until sometime after 8:00 p.m. but that’s not something I can control.     I haven’t been in the habit, over the course of the past eight months, of watching a significant amount of television, especially at night, so that can’t possibly be a problem.   I say my prayers within a reasonable length of time.    As far as I can tell, not counting uncontrollable variables, there’s nothing that can keep me from going to sleep at a significantly early hour.     My will power, at least when it comes to my reasonably strict bedtime rule, is quite exceptional.   Of course, there’s always most certainly the occasional lapse.   I may sometimes stay on my computer, my main weakness lately, for somewhat longer than I should.    Lately I’ve even been reading on it.    Fortunately, though,  that only happens quite rarely.   I simply can’t possibly emphasize this enough:  if only I could possibly get enough sleep once I’ve already gone to bed I should be so deliriously happy.    Sleep procrastination, however, most certainly isn’t any kind of a problem for me.   Just give me a bed, and peace and quiet, and I don’t ever postpone my bedtime, especially since I know that staying up can lead to headaches and grogginess the next day.



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