a midsummer night’s solstice

As I’ve said so very many times before I’ve simply never been able to stand either cold weather or an early sunset.     I’ve always so thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and long days of spring and summer.   It would never strike me as the least bit surprising to hear that people generally tend to get more depressed in dark gloomy cold weather.   I should be so very happy if only daylight saving time could last all year long.   It’s not because I’m very active but somehow an early sunset for me represents so wellshakespeare the  gloomy depressing side of life.   During the warm months I don’t bother to take much advantage of the extra sunlight by engaging in any extra activity but I simply enjoy the feeling I get from all the extra light.    In my imagination and experience, an early sunset has always  been inextricably associated with snow and ice, fog and all things miserable.    The cumulative impact of all that trouble gets me crazy.   As a literature major I can’t possibly overlook the nasty imagery.    It’s such a perfect metaphor for pain and unhappiness.    Whenever possible I always go to bed early anyway so it’s not as if I take advantage of the sunshine by staying up late.   Most of it is  probably in my imagination.   Midsummer has also always been associated with one of St. John the Baptist’s feast days too.   There’s a lot of symbolism in the fact that, from now on, the days start getting longer until about Christmas Eve.    Yet again there’s a reference to darkness and evil there.    Unfortunately all this perfection can’t possibly last.   As long as it’s here, though, I shall be on the absolute top of the world.    My lifelong tendency to over react to things is frequently a disadvantage, but in warm weather, with a late sunset, it’s perfection.






6 thoughts on “a midsummer night’s solstice

  1. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

    At the risk of you deleting me immediately, I’m exactly the opposite, I love autumn and winter best, I love cold and snow, and winter nights; just shows us how we are all so different, and have our own particular needs in life 🙂


      1. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

        I was born and raised in a winter snowy area 🙂 I live by the sea now, so I miss the snow very much.
        I have just been Googling ‘Lay Carmelite’ I am sorry I know very little of your order as yet.


      2. larry trasciatti says:

        They accept any Catholic, single or married, to follow a mitigated version of the Carmelite rule in a lay state. We go to a meeting each month, and have an ongoing formation. It’s quite interesting.


      3. Phoenix Tears Healed says:

        And you don’t mind talking to people who are not Catholics? I’m not a Catholic. I was just thinking you may not like some of my posts and may be better to read just my Christmas carols.

        Do you think you will join fully and become a monk in the future?


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