i’ll be johnny on paulie’s birthday

If I were ever able to be someone famous for a day, I should like to be Beatle John Lennon.   That’s assuming it would be permissible to be someone who’s now deceased.    Of course, I’ve always been quite insatiably and obsessively impressed with all the Beatles anyway so it’s somewhat difficult to narrow it down.john-lennon-self-portrait-443253  Since it’s all but a mere fantasy anyway-perhaps in Lennon’s case we could even refer to it as a Double Fantasy?-I should like to see what it was like to have been in his Cuban heels during the Beatle era.   That’s always been my favorite time.    As much as I’ve always enjoyed his solo years, including the recordings he made with Yoko Ono, the Plastic Ono Band and Elephant’s Memory, there’s something about Beatle John that absolutely can’t possibly be matched.   It’s kind of weird, though, because I’ve always so bitterly despised exactly all the very things with which the mighty Swain of Liverpool had always found so impressive.      All that left wing political ideological crap and Hare Krishna  simply isn’t for me of course.    I’m just guessing but there’s a pretty good chance that neither Cynthia nor Yoko is exactly my kind of woman either.   There have always been so many things about the Beatle-era Beatles, though, that have impressed me ever since as far back as I can remember.     I can only assume that it would be worth all the terribly nasty inconveniences to be able to follow it all from a specifically first-hand point of view for a day.   I’ve always been quite interested in all the other people, things and circumstances from that era too.   If, for a day, I could pass for the Walrus, I could have quite an inside scoop.    I could find out exactly how all those exceptionally interesting ideas entered into his head, and I could be steeped in all the things that were happening during the Viet Nam era.   I should really enjoy being able to count on seeing things from the point of view of Lennon’s imagination, intelligence, sense of humor and with.   Besides that, I’d get to spend so much time associating with the other Beatles, finding out exactly what they were like too.   It’s a good thing it would have to end very soon.    Things of that nature have a built-in tendency to lead to extremely big trouble if allowed to go on too long.









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