walk like a man

Ever since the end of last year, right around the time I first came to Long Beach,  I started trying to walk at least a mile each day.    At first I settled for a round trip of at least a mile per day.    Now I frequently walk at least a mile in each direction per day.    It would have been so nice if I should have come up with all this spunk when I was still in Wyoming.    Right next to the Midway they have a fine looking levee  where the scenery is quite perfect.    The reason I should like to be able to do all this walking in that kind of environment is because there they have a really nice path, like a track, where the distance is marked by the  quarter mile.   Around here, unfortunately, I don’t know of anyplace like that so I have to do quite a lot of guessing about distance.   I often go to the website  Mapmyfitnes.   There I can type in all the addresses I need and find out how far I walked each time.    Unfortunately both my feet, especially my left, have been in extreme pain for the past quite a while so I don’t exactly have the time of my life doing all this constant walking but that’s what makes me even more prone toward taking such extreme pride in it.



Proudly I note: A little bit of charm can go a long way in social justice efforts



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