talk talk

There may be at least a few words or phrases upon which I rely entirely too heavily but I can’t think of any specific examples that really drive me crazy.    What I so bitterly despise is all the left wing Orwellian self-serving newspeak today’s cultural nabobs are incessantly trying forcibly to cram down the backs of our throats.    Since when, may I ask, should I care one way or the other if women, minorities (blacks, Jews, etc.), sexual dysfunctionals or other leftist darlings find my speech or behavior offensive.   It’s in no way my responsibility to keep them entertained.    Language is supposed to be used as a vehicle for the transmission of the truth, not for bowing down to their ugly agenda.

 Besides that I also get nauseated like crazy by such conversational junk food as

1.) actually


3.)worst case scenario

4.)split infinitives

Between the politically correct characters who conveniently assume somehow that I owe them something because their coloring is darker than mine, their religion is different, or their sex/sexuality is different, and all the generally inarticulate incompetents, it’s truly a nightmarishly tough problem for me.

Wedding in Mina A’Salam – Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai – Nouf & Ammar

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