jitty joe’s

Although I haven’t traveled very far, and haven’t even seen any  foreign country except Canada, I can think of quite a lot of interesting things I’ve seen in different places.   Having been to places ranging from Florida and Illinois to Washington D.C. and Michigan,  I’ve tasted a wide variety of good food, seen many landmarks and a lot of fine scenery so it may be quite impossible to choose any one thing that I should want to clone in order to have it permanently with me.

If I were ever really forced, though, to pick one thing, I should like to have Jitty Joe’s, the famous ice cream parlor on Birney Avenue in Moosic, in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.     They have, without question, absolutely the very best ice cream I know of.   Everyone who goes there is quite crazy about it.     Having spent a significant amount of time in northeastern Pennsylvania,   I’ve often gone there to check out their wide variety of flavors.     They sell cones, sundaes, sodas, shakes and any other kind of things that can possibly be made with either ice or ice cream.

Unfortunately since there’s not so much demand for ice cream during the cold months they’re only opened for a fairly short time each year.   During that period, though, it’s most certainly quite a fantasy land.    If I could have it here with me, within walking distance, I could go there much more frequently during the warm months.   Within only a very short time frame, I could have an opportunity to try each of their seemingly infinite variety of flavors of ice cream, sodas, and toppings, ranging from bubble gum and teaberry to rocky road, peanut butter, and chocolate chip.    I’ve always had quite an insatiable sweet tooth so if I were close to someplace like this I could count on being able to have quite a regular feast.  There are a lot of benches outside to enjoy the warm weather and scenery.   It’s such an exceptionally interesting environment.








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