i’m larry’s oldest possession

As far as anyone knows I’m Larry’s oldest possession.    I’m a relatively old portrait of St. Anthony of Padua, the famous thirteenth century Portugese anthony-padua-papa-legbasaint.   He’s always kept the picture in his bedroom.   Larry’s mother got the picture from a friend of her family when she was a toddler during the first half of the 1930’s.    Though I am often associated with Padua, Italy, where I served as a Franciscan (I was first an Augustinian) I was originally from Lisbon, Portugal.  My name at birth was Fernando Martins de Bulhons.   Nobody in Larry’s family knows anything about the real history of my painting.    Anyone who could possibly have known anything about it is long deceased by now.   I was one of the first Franciscans, a contemporary of St. Francis.     Exceptionally articulate and intelligent, I was well known for my teaching and preaching.   Many legends and traditions have grown around my life.    I have always been venerated in many different countries and cultures.    Each Tuesday is especially devoted to me because of a legend that grew up after my death.   I was buried on a Tuesday and many miracles transpired during my funeral.   I am especially popular as the patron saint of finding lost items.    I died on June 13, 1231 at the Poor Clare monastery at Arcella when I was thirty five years old.    Within a year after my death I was canonized in Spoleto by Pope Gregory IX on May 30, 1232.   Pope Pius XII proclaimed me a Doctor of the Church on January 16, 1946.   Traditionally images of me include lilies and the infant Jesus.











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