aunt mabel and uncle chester

I just got a telegram this morning announcing the recent death of Uncle Chester’s wife Aunt Mabel.    The bad news is that I honestly had no idea I even had an Aunt Mabel or Uncle Chester.    The good news is that according to the terms of her will she’s left me a million dollar inheritance.    There’s quite a lot I shall be able to do from now on with that kind of money.     Before anything else, of course, I shall have to do the responsible thing and invest a significant enough amount of it in order to ensure that all my bills will be paid in full from now on without any trouble. mabelleeAfter that’s allchester_cinklinbeen taken care of I shall then be able to concentrate on all the really interesting things I’ve always really wanted to do.     I could start out by traveling all throughout Europe.   So far the only foreign country I’ve ever seen is Canada.    That’s only because it’s so close to the western New York borderline.    I shall have to make sure I get a passport.      There are a few dozen countries in Europe so it will take me quite a while to see all of them.    The only foreign languages I ever took in school, unfortunately, were three years of Spanish in high school and two years of Italian in college.    That will present quite a significant problem but I shall be quite happy to attempt to figure something out.     I shall have to take my camera with me in order to be able to take a lot of pictures.

After I’ve finished with all that I should really like to go back to school and to get an advanced degree.    That’s always been quite a major concern of mine too.    The only colleges I’ve ever attended have been S.U.N.Y. in Farmingdale, and Adelphi in Huntington, New York.    Perhaps it would be entirely too much of a strain on my old professors there if I were ever again to try to sit through any of their classes.    I think I should go someplace else where I don’t already have a reputation to have to live down.

Of course I shall most certainly have to make sure I get some especially nice clothes too.   It’s very important for a man to make a truly natty appearance at all times if he intends to have that interesting a lifestyle.    I shall most certainly have quite a lot of interesting stories to tell once I really get involved with all this activity.




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