these are a few of my favorite things

If I were ever to wake up tomorrow morning to find that I could from then on have another room entirely at my disposal, on the condition that were I to add more than three things to it it would disappear irrevocably, I should have a very easy time finding things to have there.

The first thing I should want would be my invisible spray.    As long as I have a sufficient supply of that, I could count on total privacy.   All I should have to do whenever I don’t want anyone to know I’m around, would be to spray a couple of spritzes upon me.    That way I could have lots of time to myself.     Imagine all the annoying inconveniences I could avoid just by disappearing.

Another thing I shvirginia.woolfould really like would be my anywhere door.    It’s quite portable and fits very easily onto any door of any size.   With an anywhere door I could travel anywhere in the world without all the annoying inconveniences of conventional travel.    All I should have to do would be to set the dial for my desired destination and I could get there perfectly without any traffic, turbulence, bad weather or potholes.   Never again should I have to be bothered with a G.P.S. or websites like Wunderground or Google Maps.

Last but not least, no room could possibly be complete without a time machine.  Frequently life in the here and now can get annoying.    A time machine is a lot like an anywhere door, except that it deals with the temporal rather than the spatial dimension.    I could hang around in times like La Belle Epoque and the Jazz Age, or the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Since I’d be restricted to only three things, I might as well make sure they’re things I can really use to my very best possible advantage.    With my imagination I can really get quite a kick out of those things.


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