don’t ask don’t tell

There are very many things I should hope no one, even a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, ever so much as dares to ask me.    If she insists on asking anyway, though, here are three that will most certainly not lead to the kinds of answers that will make me terribly popular:


1.)  Don’t even so much as think about asking about abortion.   Now that we’ve gotten to the point that the liberals have convinced us that for a mother to torture her little children to death is entirely within her absolute rights,  and that at the same time to be a liberal is to be the ultimate peacenik, I can’t even so much as presume to begin to tell you how sick that is.

2.)  Don’t even think of asking about homosexuality.    It’s no big secret, available only to the college educated, that homosexual conduct is at its most prevalent in insanely narcissistic cultures.   It’s not permissible and  I’m not going to change my mind, nor am I going to tell you what you want to hear.


3.)  Don’t even think of asking about racism.    The Nazis and Klan, Jim Crow and slavery are all gone.    We are now in the era of it’s-not-what-he-said-it’s-how-he-said-it accusations of supposed crypto-racism.    People who always cry racism at the slightest provocation appear never to have heard the story of the boy who cried wolf.    Liberals try to keep accusing people like me of racism because it foments fear and resentment.    A major part of the entire point of the liberal mentality in the first place is to keep people constantly afraid and resentful of each other.


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