yet more about epistemology, teleology and ontology

Professors Gerald Phelan, Jim Friel and Marlene Groner were getting ready for a meeting of their philosophy club one brisk October day.

“Remember”, admonished Phelan, the oldest, “we have to deal with all kinds of assumptions about change and the transcendentals among these students”.

“There’s quite a different crowd each semester”, replied Groner, the youngest, “but things always follow exactly the same consistent pattern”.

As the sound of the latest Macklemore song got gradually louder, Friel sighed, “Oh well here come our fresh faced enchanting young charges”. jennifer-pendergast4

The characters in my story were all my philosophy professors. The transcendentals are beauty, truth and goodness.

11 thoughts on “yet more about epistemology, teleology and ontology

    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Thanks Rochelle, It’s interesting that this is the second reference I’ve gotten to “The Paper Chase” considering that I never, unfortunately got into the habit of watching that show. John Houseman was way too intimidating for me on those Smith Barney commercials


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