let’s go mets!!!

The New York Mets will be playing the Arizona Diamondbacks today, and the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 26, at Citi Field, and I get to go to both games.   I can’t wait!    Ever since I was a kid, living only a few miles away from Shea Stadium, I’ve always so thoroughly enjoyed sports, both as a spectator and as an active participant.    Each morning, throughout my lifetime, instead of eating breakfast like so many other people, I’ve always sat down bright and early, engrossed in the sports page of the local newspapers.   It’s such a mesmerizing experience for me to keep track of the further adventures of my favorite franchises.NY-MetsI’ve always enjoyed quite a nice hearty argument with friends and cousins, classmates and people at work, about  major and minor league, college and high school sports.    Even when I’m not watching or talking about them, I’m playing on a local softball league too.   All the fresh air, exercise and camaraderie have always been so entirely exhilarating for me.    Activities that require extreme physical strength, agility, and hand-eye coordination truly excite me.   I could spend literally hours at a time practicing and playing.   Every winter my father used always to make several friends and relatives, and me, go to the annual Super Bowl party at his American Legion post in Levittown, New York.   That was quite a major highlight of my year.   I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by well over a hundred chain smoking big mouths packed into an insanely small space.     Besides all the exercise I can get from continuous involvement in sports, living so thoroughly in that world and lifestyle in general has provided me with friendships, and an appreciation for competition and teamwork that have lasted throughout my entire lifetime.   Even the difficult parts have contributed immeasurably to my well being.    Sports contribute to the well being of both the mind and body, and they also help to build a sense of community between and among people.    Approached legitimately, sports are all about discipline, cooperation and enjoyment.





Nail Cutting and Chicken


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