anyway anyhow anywhere I choose

If the nearby Radio Shack on Park Avenue were to have a sale on time machines, anywhere doors and invisibility helmets, and I could only afford one, I should think that I should like to have a time machine.   It would be quite a very hard decision for me but that would be the wisest choice.    As everyone knows, I’ve always had quite an intense interest in the past.    Knowing me I should like to enlist the help of esteemed and distinguished characters like Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Doug Nelson and Tony Phillips from “The Time Tunnel”.     They could explain to me about what I should have to do in order to visit times like the Middle Ages, Renaissance and all the other time frames of yore that have always struck me as so interesting.     I could even visit Plato, Aristotle and Socrates from a few hundred years B.C.    In school I was always quite interested in subjects like history, literature and philosophy and it would be so interesting for me to be able to associate with all the people, timetunnel and to experience all the milestone events, that made those days so especially impressive.   I should have to be extremely careful though about how dangerous much of it would be.    Times such as Revolutionary France and all those other wars would be entirely too scary to see up close.    There are so many famous writers I should like to talk with.   Shakespeare and Milton must have been quite a couple of interesting characters.   I could even tell Thomas Dekker that a poem of his inspired the famous Beatle song, “Golden Slumbers” from their “Abbey Road” album.    Lewis Carroll, Lord Byron and a few others may get a kick out of how much mileage their poems and stories got during the 1960’s.     They might like to hear bands like the Beatles and Jefferson Airplane.    Unfortunately I have no idea what the etiquette and technical details of time travel would require of me.    Before I could go anywhere I should absolutely have to get lessons and practice pertaining to all sorts of things.   In whichever era I get to visit, I shall have to learn all of its etiquette, language and customs in order to blend in really well.   It’s never a good idea to be too conspicuous under those cirucumstances.   I’ve heard that the grandfather paradox can be quite seriously nasty so I’d have to be very careful not to tamper with it.    Sherman and Peabody, and the “Time Tunnel” people would have to tell me all about their experiences.   Then I shall have some idea of what to expect.   They’ll have to tell me all about what I shall have to do in order to avoid being irrevocably stuck in some long ago time frame.    I’ve always heard that gets people really uncomfortable.   I really want to go but I’d probably have quite an exceptionally difficult time if something happened and I couldn’t get back to the present tense.    If that ever happened I’d really want my money back.

Split Personality


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