that was then . this is now

There are a lot of things about my current bunch of relatives, which each of my long-ago ancestors would most certainly have found quite astonishing if he were to show up in the present.   Since there are only very few which I can refer to in public without starting the absolute war to end wars, I shall choose the wide variety.    My mother’s ancestors from generations in the past came from Ireland and my father’s both parents were immigrants from Italy.   Within the fairly short time since I was born things have changed quite a bit ethnically.    My relatives are now of all different varieties of ethnic backgrounds.    That wasn’t terribly common in the past but today it’s taken entirely for  granted.   To the best of my available knowledge, my ancestors were always at least officially Catholic.    Now, though, all possible religions and worldviews in general appear to be represented among my kin.    That can get quite frustrating because unlike the way things were in days of yore, people currently have significantly less common ground to be able to rely upon.    Most probably in earlier times all members of the family, on each side,lived in the same general region of Europe.    These days, though, their current counterparts live in many different  places in this country.    I assume that people in the past were not terribly well educated and did not have a wide variety of work experiences.   My relatives currently have all different kinds and degrees of education and employment.   Most couples in earlier generations had several children.    Because of the lie of the overpopulation scare, though, today’s families, including my relatives, have only a few kids each.   None of my kin have any more than four kids.   We have quite a wide eccentric variety of cousins though.   By definition things were different in the past.   Since then, though, a lot of things have happened that can’t possibly be eliminated.    Anyone who shows up from a bygone era can inevitably count on quite a stunning experience.

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