thank you falettinme be mice elf

In my imaginary acceptance speech, in order to acknowledge my debt to whomever for whatever award I may be pretending to have won, I should like to thank, last but far from least, the voice that keeps me from getting plum out of control.   I have no idea what his name is.   He just shows up each day and follows me around.   Of course all kinds of people have given me all kinds of help over the course of my lifetime.   To pick only one, though, who has helped the most, would be quite difficult.   I shall, therefore, simply have to play it entirely safe and to choose the one who has kept me at least reasonably out of trouble.   Perhaps he can be referred to as a muse.    Each of us should have at least one of these characters in his life.   Mine practically  always tells me only to go only so far and, with a mere occasional nudge nudge in the right direction, he prevents me from unnecessarily pushing my luck.





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