good strangers

Generous thoughtful strangers are constantly passing through each individual’s life so it’s kind of difficult for me to single one out for his having done something especially kind and selfless for me.    My mother died on September 23, 2o13 and then my father died on November 7.      Friends, acquaintances and strangers were always going out of their way to be exceptionally considerate throughout all my mother’s last illness, starting from the time she first got sick in November of 2012.   Everyone knows that old people can be difficult to handle, even at their best.   My parents needed a lot of help in their last days.   People at the Geisinger, General and Veteran’s Hospitals, and at the Mercy Hospice, in Wilkes Barre, were all  quite helpful.    They were constantly trying to explain things, and to make things as easy as possible, with food and parking among other necessary things.   People always helped with transportation and running errands.    The hospital and hospice personnel did all they could.   Even though technically they were only doing their jobs anyway, they were exceptionally good.   Other strangers were very conscientious too.     It’s very good to know that there are a lot of people who can be relied upon to do the right thing.    Often over the course of my lifetime I’ve tended to get a bit too cynical about mankind’s nasty side but ultimately there are quite a lot of good people in the world.

On the eve of a grudge storm: You will succumb



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