if i were the king of the world i tell you what i’d do

There must be several things I should choose to do if I could have my way about any one thing that could be changed in nature.    I’ve always been so especially smitten with philosophy, so I happen to know that the concept of time is divided up into objective time and its subjective duration.    One of my nastiest character defects, throughout my lifetime, has been my excessive impatience.   For that reason I should like to change mankind’s perception of time in order that each individual’s enjoyable circumstances could seem to linger for quite a while while his really difficult experiences-pain and disease, and all those other exceptionally frustrating circumstances-could be borne with much less tension and suspense.

Many of my biggest problems over the course of the past very many decades, have come about as a result of my accursed inability to cope with the frustration that comes along with waiting either for something important to happen, or for it to be over with.    Imagine how much happier and healthier each of us could be if his ability to handle all the waiting for things, and seemingly endless frustration that goes with all those boring annoying chores.   Medical bills would plummet.   Students would get significantly better grades and employees would do significantly better work.dail   Most of the problems each of us sees in things like this are a result of the relentless monotony and routine, during which time seems to have a nasty habit of standing still.    Unlike many people, I seem to be quite incapable somehow of even relaxing by way of a distraction.    When I’m frustrated by something my attention span simply goes plum out of control.    At the same time, enjoyable experiences always seem to fly by.

I recognize quite well that life is set up in exactly the very best way that it possibly can be and that any attempt to tamper with the way the world is put together can only lead to a nightmarishly out of control kind and degree of chaos.   That’s why I have no idea how anyone can possibly even think of being even the least bit of a liberal.    At the same time though, I truly wish I could figure out a way to make those unbearably annoying experiences, from traffic jams to diseases and job interviews, seem a little bit more agreeable.   The way things are now, things of that nature always seem to take quite an absolutely endless length of time.






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