blood drive

Today I went to a blood drive at the Allegria Hotel at 80 West Broadway in Long Beach.   It was quite a nice time.   The only somewhat annoying problem was that as always I was forced to walk for about a mile and two fifths to get there.   That’s because I still don’t have car insurance.    It was on the roof of the building.  I made sure I explained all my circumstances, answered the questions on the computer and lay down on the chair to get it all over with.   No one passed any remarks, to my surprise, about my Pennsylvania identification.    A couple of employees asked if I lived locally, or was visiting  the hotel, though.    That could have gotten weird because I claimed to live only a short distance away.   Two of the blood drive employees were most certainly quite the exceptionally nice lookers.     One of the lookers, the blondie, asked specifically how I felt after it was all over with.   I made sure I told her that, as always, I didn’t have any kind of problem right then and there.   Then I told her, though, that for as far back as I can remember I always seem to get an exceptionally violent headache the day after a blood donation, and that  I really wanted to know why.   When I worked at Citicorp Retail Services, my supervisor, Carole, used always to wblood1-300x259hine at me because she could never help noticing a very definite problem with that.    The phlebotomist explained that it was most probably from dehydration.   She warned me that I should drink quite a lot more fluids from now on after each donation.   This may not have been quite such an exceptionally significant decision but I’m most certainly hoping that it can help me avoid any unnecessary further trouble.   It’s absolutely an undeniably important decision in the sense that nobody likes migraines and that provoking one unnecessarily isn’t very bright.


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