as time goes by

Tom and Frank had been the best of friends for thirty years since they were twelve years old in Lindenhurst, on the South Shore of Long Island. They were always in the same class at the local Catholic schools. One morning they went on their annual fishing trip at Captree State Park with their Knights of Columbus council.
As they sat down fishing, drinking beer, Frank said to Tom, “It’s been a long time there,booby!” Neither could help daydreaming about what lay beyond that lovely but entirely too familiar horizon.

The preceding contains some ingredients of my life. I lived in Lindenhurst for decades since I turned twelve years old. I went to Catholic school and was in that K of C council where half the members were named Frank & Tom. The council’s members went on many fishing trips at Captree State Park.

12 thoughts on “as time goes by

  1. rochellewisoff says:

    Dear Larry,

    I enjoyed this pleasant tale of friendship and youthful dreams. I also enjoyed your epilogue. So how did you come away with the handle “Larry” instead of Tom or Frank? 😉




    1. larry trasciatti says:

      They needed a little variety in that bunch. Guys could never remember my name so I was always called Tom & Frank among other names anyway. Do you have any idea why ,even though I don’t usually get many people reading me each day, a few days I finally got well over a hundred for each of them .? Each happened to have been a time when I wrote a historical fiction story


  2. patriciaruthsusan says:

    Larry, Good story about comforable firendship. Maybe one or both of them will take a trip one day to an unfamiliar place, like western PA, OH, or even Canada, for instance. These “foreign” places could open up new horizons for them. 🙂 Great gentle humor. 🙂


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