new york and pennsylvania

I was born in northeastern Pennsylvania and have lived in New York for most of my lifetime, with the exception of my first three and a half years, and for seven and a half of the past eight years.   During that time I lived in northeastern Pennsylvania.    If I were ever to be forced to pick only two places between which to split all my time I should have to pick Long Beach, New York, where I live right now, and the surrounding region of  Long Island, as one of them.    The other would be northeastern Pennsylvania.nypaSince I have spent so very  much time in each of these places, and have always felt so very comfortable in them both, it would be  an ideal arrangement for me.  Long Beach is only about an hour’s train ride, on the Long Island Railroad,  from Manhattan and the other boroughs of New York City.    I could do quite a lot of sightseeing there.   My recent trips to Manhattan were exceptionally interesting.    Eventually I really want to get into the habit of going to Queens every once in a while so I can feel really comfortable with the trip in case I ever have a chance to visit my old neighborhood in Jackson Heights and to go to a St. Gabriel’s reunion in East Elmhurst.    It’s also very close to Suffolk County.    While I’m here I can have a nice time visiting my cousins in eastern Nassau County and Suffolk County.   By staying here I can have a really easy  time getting to Lindenhurst to visit my old neighborhood there, and to West Islip for reunions at St. John the Baptist.    In the immediate vicinity of Long Beach, there’s a nice self-contained world, with a business district, a beach and really nice neighborhoods.

Besides Long Beach I should really like to spend the rest of my time in northeastern Pennsylvania.     I’ve only lived there for around seven and a half years as an adult but I’m quite accustomed to it because, since my parents were both from there,  I’ve been visiting it throughout all my lifetime.    It took me quite a while to get accustomed to driving through the steep Poconos but the scenery is perfect.    The Susquehanna River is quite an impressive sight.   Aunt Lauren, and Michelle and her family, live in Harding and Dallas so I can visit them frequently.     Krissy Krissy Krissy and her family live only around an hour away so I can visit them sometimes too.    There are a lot of nice places to see and things to do on a significantly smaller scale than New York.    There are no significant cosmopolitan hot spots there but they have concerts I can attend.   One day seven years ago my cousin Gino and I went to a Meat Loaf concert at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton.   They even have Jitty Joe’s Ice Cream in nearby Moosic too.   If I were ever forcibly restricted to only two places in the world , I could honestly say that I could count on being my happiest in those two.

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