good times bad times you know i’ve had my share

Yesterday I went to the funeral Mass at Maria Regina Church in Seaford for my ninety one year old Aunt Norma from Massapequa.   All went well.     After the Mass we all went to St Charles’ Cemetery on Pinelawn Road in Pinelawn.   Mr. Gargiulo, a teacher of mine from St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School, was the deacon in charge of the ceremony there.   After that we went to Sal’s Place in North Massapequa.   That was where I made my big mistake.    There was an open bar.    As soon as Steve pointed it out to me I made sure I asked the bartender for a gin martini, straight up, with an olive.    Unfortunately I drank it on an empty stomach.    To my credit I made quite sure I only got one, and that I drank it exceptionally slowly, only a sip every few minutes.    I know my limitations quite well by now.    Alas it soon backfired on me.   I got a very violent headache.   I thoroughly enjoyed being with both my cousins and their families and friends-I’ve known their relatives and friends for quite a long time- but the crowd, combined with the length of time it all took, and the drink, made me miserable.    After Steve, Bridget and I left, he wanted to go to Amityville to do something on his boat, and then to Lindenhurst to see my old neighborhood.    Somehow we managed to convince Bridget not to shop for shoes and ice cream.    As soon as we got back to the house I fell straight into bed, thoroughly exhausted and in pain, for the rest of the night.   I still feel wiped out and need quite a lot of rest to recuperate.   The worst thing that could possibly happen to me today  would be if I push my luck and for lack of sufficient rest, end up getting even sicker.    So far most of my headache is gone but it could come back very easily.    The best thing that could happen would be if I refrain from doing anything that could provoke any further trouble.   All I need right now is sufficient rest.    Nothing very eventful is happening in my life these days, so I don’t expect my circumstances to change especially drastically  in either direction.    All I want is to recuperate from this truly wiped out feeling.    I’m quite confident that I’ll be back to normal soon.

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