you got to believe

I’ve come to the conclusion, over the course of my lifetime, that Catholicism, as a worldview, is exactly the right way to go for reasons that are both positive and negative.   On the positive side, the Church, speaks with authority.  Since the Reformation of the sixteenth century, the idea that each individual can decide for himself what God wants on a religious level has been allowed to get out of control.    The eighteenth century gave us the French Revolution and Enlightenment, its entirely inevitable consequence.    Once divorced from a need for religious authority, man inevitably felt the need to reject all authority.   That only leads to the totalitarian state, by definition.    Besides that, the Church’s official teachings always seem to be entirely compatible with the demands of human nature, the sciences and everything I know to be true from a secular standpoint.     Having, throughout my life, been intensely intellectually curious, I’ve always been determined to do quite a lot of looking into the way things work in the world, both in the classroom and by way of simple observation.    It’s no mere accident that so many cliches that have come into man’s common parlance have been derived from sources like the Bible, Shakespeare and John Milton, among other Christian sources.   Christianity, when it’s legitimately understood, always has quite an entirely coherent approach to life.   On the negative side, people with the worst ideas-liberals and other proponents of totalitarian states, as well as control freaks in general-always seem to come down the hardest on Christianity.    Exactly why would anyone bother to fight so hard against something that doesn’t strike him as a significant threat.    G.K. Chesterton once came up with a line about how the Church’s opponents always seem to attack her for contradictory reasons.   There’s no pleasing the extremists.    The truth, when it’s legitimately understood, contradicts all fanaticism.


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