things that make you go hmmm

Although I’ve always so thoroughly enjoyed the taste and aroma of quite a wide variety of spicy foods, I’m often forced to avoid them quite scrupulously because of the seriously nasty after effects.   As I’ve stated already most of my problems with anxiety can be avoided virtually entirely if I merely remember to play the game by its rules instead of mine and not to take any unnecessary risks.spicy-foodI thoroughly enjoy hot spicy foods when I can get away with them.    The taste is the deciding factor for me.    Many people like to eat hot spicy things merely for the sake of what seems to be an endurance test.    I’ve never been able to enjoy that kind of diet though.    Although I’ve heard frequently that very spicy food can be good for the heart, and has been proven to decrease the risk of coronary disease,  an excess of such a taste and feeling will inevitably keep me from overdoing it.    Often Mary Anne, Steve and Bridget like to get take-out food, including Oriental, Hispanic and Italian style.   That virtually invariably leads to a forced confrontation with at least something that’s quite inordinately spicy.   By now I’ve learned quite the hard way always to make sure I ask first what a specific food is like before I presume to put in my order.    I recently ate elk meat for the very first time.    Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was obscenely spicy.   So were the mustard and cabbage that came with it on the side.    A while ago, along with Mark and Laura and Lisa, we went to Manhattan and stopped at an Indian restaurant.   I was most certainly extra  careful there about the food, excellent though it was.   On Passover, horseradish is virtually mandatory.    As enjoyable as it is, it also should be eaten only quite sparingly for fear of major trouble.    Somehow these spicy dishes no longer seem to bother me anywhere nearly as violently as they used to, but I still always approach them with fear and trembling.

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