the forerunner

Even though I haven’t paid a significant amount of attention to either of them in the many decades since I graduated, my two most prized possessions have always been my high school yearbook and ring.   My yearbook is called the Forerunner because St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of my school.   They most certainly aren’t the kinds of things an adult can possibly get any kind of mileage out of, but I always want to make sure I can account for them both.   It’s boring for me to read all the things in my yearbook except on very rare special occasions.    My ring, the few times I’ve tried to wear it, has always given me extremely bad blisters.   My interest in them, though, has nothing to do with usage.    It’s much more of a symbolic connection.   I’ve always been quite smitten, perhaps even a bit inordinately, with my past, and also with the past in general.    My yearbook and ring provide me with tangible links to a most significant part of my past.    Neither can possibly be replaced.    These days, thanks to the internet, I can get in touch with a lot of different people from my school days.    I regularly communicate with former teachers and classmates of mine.   My yearbook and ring, though, are in a category entirely their own.    Associating with someone from my past brings him entirely into my present and there’s no way out of that.   A yearbook and ring, precisely because they’re so inextricably linked with someone’s past, are especially specifically going to remind him of it.    A lot of other people may consider a car, article of clothing or some other specific thing the most important possession someone can possibly have in his life.   Most certainly the average individual would refer to something he at least occasionally uses.    In my typically lopsided fashion, my most prized possessions are things I hardly ever so much as bother to think twice about.

10 thoughts on “the forerunner

      1. Easter Ellen says:

        Yes… and more than that now.. funny enough, those few years which were so dear to my heart have come alive again in some ways. I am now partners with a man I was very close friends with at the time and had a crush on. 🙂 Time and God have a way of making some dreams come true.


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