When I have to deal with a crisis, my nerves get all inordinately frazzled.    Calm, unfortunately, hasn’t ever been an easy thing for me to maintain.     It’s most certainly not a lack of confidence in the sense of fear of failure.   It’s more like an overwhelmingly annoying kind of adrenaline rush.   I can do reasonably well now, though, compared to my younger days.    For quite a while in the past I was inordinately prone toward anxiety and panic attacks.   Back then I could never figure out how to relax under stress and even relatively minor frustration was quite often entirely too much for me to handle.   Conveniently, though, the older I get the more I can understand how to cope with life’s biggest setbacks.   The main difference between the current problem I have in the face of crisis and the way things used to be under similar circumstances is that by now I’ve learned how to deal with it.   Diet makes a difference.   Caffeine, especially in coffee, can make me crazy.    Somehow, for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother me anywhere as much now as it used to.   In earlier days it gave me very violent migraines.    Now it just provokes an annoying  sense of frustration if I drink it under stressful circumstances.   Besides being exceptionally careful with my diet I make sure I take my time, do all things very slowly and methodically with great attention to every detail, and all works out quite well.



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