a splendid time is guaranteed for all

If I could have complete control over all that happens at a party,  there would be all kinds of food, desserts and drinks available.   Considering how many people and how much activity would be involved, I should have to arrange to have it in quite an exceptionally large hall.  The only things that would be forbidden would be smoking and drugs.    Lasagna has always been my very favorite food so there would be plenty of it to go around.   I could have all possible other kinds of food, ranging from meat and cheese to vegetables and seafood.   An infinite supply of condiments and seasonings would also be on the menu.      There would be a wide variety of desserts including chocolate and candy and pastries in general.     Besides the inevitable coffees and teas of all possible flavors, there would be free flowing alcohol too.   I’ve never been able to handle much liquor well but it should at least be available.     I was, for a while, a bartender at Knights of Columbus council 794 in Lindenhurst so I understand quite well the importance of liquor for a nice party.    Good music, of course, is also quite an entirely indispensable ingredient for a successful event of any kind.   At any party of mine there would be an inevitable bottomless pit of 1960’s music, ranging from Vanilla Fudge’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” to Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, filling the airwaves.    Of course, I most certainly can’t possibly leave out the Beatles.   Maybe, knowing me and my flair for 1960’s style we could even get all the men to dress in bell bottoms and Nehru jackets, and the women in mini skirts and go go boots.   Since there are so very many musicians in my crowd, a lot of people in attendance could even play for us.   There would be no real need for any specific events or games, though because of all the constant music, dancing, naturally, would be virtually obligatory.   I could invite all the people on my Facebook friend list, including all my old friends, teachers, classmates, relatives and many whom I’ve never once even so much as gotten a chance to set eyes on in person.   Unfortunately since people among my guests come from such a wide variety of worldviews there would have to be a very strict rule against any kind of fighting.    In order to keep things as distinctive visually as possible I should absolutely have to have it all festooned with a lot of brightly colored decorations including balloons and confetti in every possible color.    There would be no dress code.   Considering all the activity that would transpire, it would be very smart to allow everyone do dress as canimalomfortably as possible.   Since it’s my party, and entirely under my control, there would be no time limit.    It could last as long as people are available to keep things going.    It wouldn’t even have to be for any particular occasion either.   It could all just be for the sake of having a really good time.





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