deleted posts

As far as I can remember I’ve never once deleted an entire blog post.   There’s no reason to have to bother to stoop to anything like that.    Frequently I put inappropriate things onto my blogs.   When that happens I often, after having seriously thought it over for a while,  eliminate  the unwelcome passage  before the blog entry is published.    I generally put things onto my blogs only after having carefully thought them through.   People are so defiantly ignorant and self-absorbed these days.   They have nothing to do but to scour around throughout cyberspace and anywhere else they can possibly go, trying to find one excuse right after another to be offended.   Today I just read something about the famous singer Avril Lavigne who’s being tarred and feathered because of her supposedly racist “Hello Kitty” video.   They claim it’s supposedly racist.   A bunch of complete fools who specialize in kissing the Orientals’ butts in Macy’s window have found all sorts of gestures, smirks, articles of clothing, et cetera, in the video that, according to their sick mindset supposedly prove she’s a racist.   That mentality nauseates me thoroughly.   Liberals, from one tine of their forked tongues, condemn censorship.   From the other tine, though, they censor everything that happens.    I try to be as decent and as accurate as possible in all my blog posts and I refused to let anyone else  get away with dictating to me the terms of what I may and may not be allowed to say or to do.

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