deleted comments

I can honestly say that I’ve only deleted one comment that I can remember.   I was really good friends, when I was a kid in Queens, with two sisters, Jo Anne and Ruthie,  in my neighborhood and school.   One day I made a comment on Ruthie’s Facebook page.    Jo Anne saw it, recognized that it might have started trouble if it were misunderstood, and asked me to delete it.     I did what she wanted in order to avoid any hard feelings.    Each day I get quite a whole lot of angry resentful inappropriate comments on Facebook.   People have all sorts of ideas politically, religiously and otherwise.   Many people I’ve been in touch with are excessively blunt and don’t even think twice about presuming to lash out.    I never erase anything though.   Usually when someone comes up with something that strikes me as so inappropriate no one in his right mind could possibly be expected to put up with it, I tend to assume that letting it go would be quite a good idea exactly for that very reason.    Even when the language is blunt, obscene and graphic, I just let it all go and have quite a very good laugh about it.    It keeps things colorful when I have all that crazed bizarre variety to count on.

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