problems problems problems

Unlike having to deal with things on an in person basis, the internet makes it a bit easier to come up with the confidence that’s required to contribute to a debate.   The lack of accountability, although that’s generally a bad thing, encourages each of us to take a stand he would otherwise not be willing to risk.    I quite often take part in all kinds of arguments online, though I should inevitably be much more careful about doing the same thing if the relevant parties were standing right in front of me.    One of the major advantages of social networking sites is that people of all sorts of differing viewpoints can have a common forum by way of which to argue.   Although people with drastically different ideas can drive each other crazy I find it quite enjoyable to butt into things and to defend the party who has been wronged.     It’s not only a good idea, but it’s also quite frequently an exceptionally interesting enjoyable kind of thing.   When someone presumes to get abusive, though, I invariably back down because there’s never any point in even bothering to give a trouble maker like that the satisfaction of a reaction.  Unfortunately many people on my Facebook friend list can tend to be very abrasive.     It’s only fair that if someone is in the right, he should at all times be entitled to count on other people’s being willing to come to his defense.   As with something that happens in person, an internet fight should be dealt with intelligently and politely.  Especially in the online world there’s frequently no way to find out conclusively just exactly who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator.   It’s a strange mixed up set of circumstances.   All I can say is that I enjoy keeping people on their toes.

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