messrs. want and need, alias messrs. get to and have to

Want and Need are two different people but can often pass for each other.   Need is much better at knowing his place and behaving well.   Want, if he doesn’t have other people relentlessly keeping after him, if he isn’t obedient to authority, can be awfully seriously naughty.   He’s frequently a fair weather friend.   Need, when he’s healthy, never goes anyplace without want.   When Need runs away from Want, there can be big trouble.    When Want isn’t accompanied by Need, that’s when he’s truly at risk of being his most defiant.   Sometimes they’re known as Have to and Get to.   Many people enjoy having Have to around and they see him as no different from Get to.    Sometimes Have to can be quite cranky and difficult to deal with so he doesn’t seem to have anything in common with Get to.   Each of us should always try to be as friendly as possible with Need, alias Have to, because he’s often Want, alias Get to, in disguise anyway.    Each of us should also be quite wary of Want, because he often forces us, when we deal with him inappropriately, to face up to Need, at his very worst.   Then of course there’s Ought to.    Ought to always makes things better than they would otherwise have been without him.   He never barges in where he’s not welcome and there’s no risk of trouble if he doesn’t show up.    Many people, though, upon having become acquainted with him, find that his company brings with it many fine benefits.



The preceding was a response to a blog I read recently.







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