sad songs they say so much

I don’t think anyone, no matter how hard he may try, can possibly expect to avoid having to deal with internet scandal and drama.   Whenever any two or more people get together, especially when they can count on that kind and degree of relative anonymity, combined with such a wide variety of viewpoints and interests, tempers will get out of control and sparks will fly.    On my Faceook site, I have quite a lot of people, representing a wide range of points of view, on my friend list.    We’re absolutely constantly arguing, quite frequently about things that don’t even make any kind of significant difference anyway.    There’s one guy, who was in my class in St. Gabriel’s, who has always been in favor of atheism, homosexuality and liberalism.    He’s very mean and nasty.   Whenever someone of that ilk gets involved with anyone who’s willing to give him the satisfaction of half a second of attention, all sorts of trouble can ensue.    He always pretends, in typical liberal fashion, to be America’s ultimate victim.    He rants and rages, reciting all kinds of unsubstantiated canards, typical of the left, about how he’s been ever so horribly exploited and beaten up upon.   He incessantly rambles on about all the poor unfortunate women, minorities and other liberal darlings (O boo hoo!) who are such hardship cases.    The problem with him, though, is that he’s so much more aggressive about it all than most other people.   Anyone can tell, from the very tone with which he writes, that his claims are all a bunch of self-serving lies designed mostly for the sake of shock value.    That’s one of the major disadvantages about the internet.   There are too many ways available for someone to lash out at people, and to spread unsubstantiated claims, without having to be bothered with any kind of accountability.

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