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s.a.t.u.r.d.a.y night!

Saturday night has always been such an exceptionally nice quiet relaxed time for me.   Unlike earlier decades there’s nothing especially good to watch on television.    I’ve never been in the habit of going to parties.     For some reason I don’t even think I’ve been missing out on anything anyway.  Although I can quite thoroughly enjoy the occasional Saturday night party-there’s no rule against inviting me to a party-my typical Saturday night is just quietly sitting around without any specific plans, simply taking each thing as it comes my way.    Sometimes I watch a DVD.   Everyone knows how I’ve always so thoroughly enjoyed old television shows and movies.    Lately I’ve really been getting exceptionally interested in my computer too.    The internet is quite a weakness of mine.   As anyone can see, after having gotten to know me, I’ve always had quite an obnoxious side.   On Saturday nights, though, I can be quite quiet and inconspicuous.   saturdayI can take advantage of the nice relaxed quite atmosphere and circumstances by playing the guitar, drinking tea, or perhaps reading a book or periodical.     Now that I have to spend so much time with Mary Anne, Steve and Bridget, they may want to do something every once in a while.   I occasionally get mixed up with them for certain kinds of things.    One weekend, a few months ago, Mary Anne, Steve and I, along with Mark, Laura and a few other people, even spent both Friday and Saturday in Manhattan.   I’m most certainly not entirely averse to something like that.    As a change of pace it’s exceptionally interesting.    It would drive me nuts, though, if it ever were to happen on a regular basis.    I’ve been noticing over the years that I quite enjoy an occasional trip like that.    Unlike many people, though,  I have absolutely no patience whatsoever with the kind of lifestyle that would involve something like that on a regular basis.    I realize that there are very many people who thrive on constant activity of that nature.    I’ve most certainly done my share of trying to keep up with the party animals in my crowd.   It’s quite a bit more trouble than it’s worth though.    Just let me have a lot of time to hang around and relax, with only occasional spurts of activity for a change of pace.   That, and finishing it up with an early bedtime, can make for a fine Saturday.



December 18, Holy Saturday – St. Mary, Our Lady of Solitude: Patron Saint of Mariners and Acapulco

It’s Holy Saturday~:


class="alignrightSaint Mary, Our Lady of Solitude, Patron Saint of Acapulco (Feast Dates: Holy Saturday, December 18)

Extract from Our Lady of Solitude: “One day during the 17th century, an unattended, heavily-laden pack donkey staggered into Oaxaca and died. No one knew where it had come from, who owned it, or what it carried. When the people examined his pack, they found a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Solitude. She wore a crown of diamonds with a huge drop pearl in the middle, and a black velvet robe with semi-precious stones. The people decided that as the donkey had died at that spot, they would build a church there to house the little statue. ” See PICTURE of Our Lady of Solitude. See also: Our Lady of Solitude PICTURE and PRAYER.

Saint Mary, Our Lady of Solitude, Patron Saint of Mariners (Feast Dates: Holy Saturday, December 18)


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