it’s a matter of trust

As far as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever caught anyone in a big significant lie.   It might, if it ever happens, turn out to be quite a very bad idea to confront the evil doer with his misdeed.    Logically and objectively it’s exactly the right thing to do.   The problem with that, though, is that there would be a risk of quite a nasty reaction.   I’m not exactly looking forward to all the fights that would inevitably ensue from being a whistle blower.    At Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish,  in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, about ten years ago, there was a priest who found out about certain other priests who were involved with the big scandals that were going on back then.   He spoke out against them and got into a lot of trouble for it.    Although he did exactly the right thing, he was put through quite a very hard time.    People tried to destroy his reputation because he rocked a very significant boat.   That’s why I don’t like to be bothered with taking any kind of a significant stand about anything.   The best thing about my life is that nothing very significant ever seems to happen.   Most of the lies I deal with are only about a bunch of minor little things and I’m quite happy with that.

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