every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

I don’t have any one specific suit, or article of  clothing, which I simply must wear in order to feel confident or to make a good impression.   At my very best  I enjoy wearing a nice dress shirt and pants with my Land’s End shoes and good socks.   I don’t, as a general rule, wear a suit, but if the occasion calls for one , I thoroughly enjoy it.  I then get to put on a fancy tie and tie clasp.    As a kid I virtually always went to Catholic school so at an early age I was already resigned to wearing a nice jacket, dress shirt and tie anyway.    Over the past many years I’ve always been notoriously lazy about shaving and getting a haircut unfortunately but when I want to try to pass for as handsome as possible I like to make sure I get those details taken care of too.   Many people dislike after shave and cologne.  I’ve always enjoyed nice fragances though.    Lately I’ve been wearing scents like Aqua Velva, Giorgio Armani’s Gio and Calvin Klein’s One.   I don’t have any one favorite scent.   Over the years I’ve worn colognes ranging from Old Spice to Grey Flannel and Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men, among others.    Often I put styling gel or mousse into my hair, though that only seems to work out really well when I have a nice short haircut.


There’s no harm in dressing casually or in not bothering to try to make any kind of an impression but it’s quite enjoyable for me to  put on some of my very best clothes.   It keeps people guessing about what I  could possibly be trying to do.   People tend to get a bit suspicious when I dress and behave in an exceptionally impressive manner.    Since I don’t usually attend the kinds of functions where being so meticulously dressed is necessary it strikes me as really interesting when I can have an excuse to get primped and preened as well as possible.    The only thing I don’t like about being well dressed is that there’s a risk of spilling something and ruining it all with a stain.    Perfect attention to detail is required, in order both to get that well dressed in the first place, and to avoid the risk of ruining it all with one entirely inadvertent mishap.    Easter Sunday is only five days away.   It’s the single most significant day of the year.   That’s a good reason to dress quite well.







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