trouble ahead, trouble behind

Never having been involved in a scandal of any significant magnitude I can’t really say, by way of experience, exactly what would be involved in a cover up, but I can most certainly imagine that have to involve quite a lot of stress and frustration.   Over the years I’ve seen very many episodes of shows like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits” and Boris Karloff’s “Thriller”.   In those shows, as in life, the bad guy inevitably ends up getting caught sooner or later anyway.    One way or another, by way of either some forgotten detail, a slip of the tongue, or a nasty twist of fate, a culprit will virtually inevitably be forced to face up to his just deserts.   Even if he manages somehow to get away with his dastardly misdeed, the tension and  uncertainty will always be with him.   Never knowing whom he can trust or confide in is enough to drive anyone to quite an entirely overwhelmed state of anxiety.   I should never be capable of handling all that unrelenting frustration.   That’s one of the reasons I’ve always minded my own business and kept out of big trouble.   My nerves have always made it too difficult for me to deal with frustrating problems in general, so I know that if there’s absolutely any way whatsoever that I can possibly help it, I most certainly am not going to do anything drastically unacceptable.   Since people generally tend to suspect things when something’s amiss anyway, even if no one really knows for sure,  the rotten feeling that I’d get every time I saw an inexplicable smirk on someone else’s face would make me cringe with paranoia.   I absolutely have no idea how anyone could possibly put up with that kind of feeling.   Unfortunately the need for gain, even if ill-gotten, can be so overwhelmingly powerful in each of us that for at least a little while, under the specific set of circumstances during which someone is being tempted, he can forget all the risk that’s inevitably involved.    That’s one of the really bad things about the way each of us is put together.    A momentary lapse of judgment can lead to big trouble and things only show their true colors after it’s too late.   A lot of significant public figures have been forced into having all their good fortunes reversed irrevocably because of unforeseen repercussions of their evil behavior.    Even if he doesn’t get into any big trouble, though, the fear alone can control him quite completely.

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