they call me mellow yellow, quite rightly

After a long hard day, or whenever I have free time available, I often like just to relax for a while by not bothering to do anything.     Lately I haven’t been in the habit of watching television, though sometimes I watch a few “Seinfeld” reruns with Steve.    Most of the shows I watch are old.  As a general rule I watch decades-old reruns on METV, or one of my DVDs.   I haven’t set food into a movie theatre in quite a long time but I’ve seen a lot of very good movies on DVDs.   Frequently I get something to eat, and I most especially enjoy coffee or tea.    I was always really active in the parishes I was in before I came to Long Beach so I can soon start getting involved in St. Mary of the Isle too.     Reading and writing invariably do me quite a world of good.   Ever since I got started on writing blogs I’ve been trying to write at least a significant amount each day.   I especially enjoy interactive sites like and  because I get to read other people’s blogs and to get a lot of feedback about mine, from them.   We exchange quite a lot of constructive criticism.   Now everyone knows about my conservative worldview and obnoxious sense of humor.     Besides that I also read constantly.   I read quite a lot of classic prose and poetry, theology and philosophy, and many periodicals I get through the mail and online.    It’s April now so I have to figure out whether there’s a Barnes and Noble close to here so I can renew my card.   It expires at the end of the month.   I use it to get a ten per cent discount on each purchase.   As everyone knows I’ve always been quite smitten with music, especially from the 1960’s though now that I can listen to online sites I get more easily to hear quite an exceptionally wide variety of styles.    That’s a perfect form of relaxation for me.    Lately I’ve really been practicing the guitar quite conscientiously.    Of course a top contender for my favorite way to relax and to get away from pressure is simply not to bother with anything or anyone.   I truly enjoy peace and quiet for its own sake.    Since unwelcome noise has always driven me crazy,  the ideal way for me to relax is merely not to bother to do anything specific.    Just hanging around and minding my own business alwaysrelax does me quite a world of good.    Solitude keeps me happy and sane.   Under those really quiet isolated circumstances I don’t necessarily bother either to do or to think of anything specific.   I just hang around.   Lately since I don’t have a car available, I walk back and forth to Mass each morning.    That’s turning out to be quite an especially beneficial experience for me.    The nice weather, combined with the ability just to hang around alone for a while, besides providing me with quite a significant amount of exercise, really keeps me relaxed.    Conveniently it’s never been unavoidably necessary for me to have only one specific thing in order to relax.   I’m flexible enough that all these circumstances work out well for me.

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