dahling you look maaahhvelous!

As much as I can enjoy the work of celebrities,  I long ago wised up to their true colors and stopped even trying to pretend to consider them worthy role models.  Famous people all know perfectly well that very many of their fans, especially the very young and impressionable, consider them worthy of emulation.    For some obscene reason, though, they presume to consider themselves entitled to brag that they feel absolutely no sense of accountability whatsoever for their antics.    One day a few years ago there was something in the news about how one of the Baldwin brothers, when he got onto a plane, felt free to talk on a cell phone in spite of explicit warnings that he wasn’t allowed.  Apparently he fully expected them to be so flattered  to have him as a passenger that they wouldn’t so much as dare to think of presuming to expect him to be subjected to the same inconveniences as we mere mortals.   Not a day goes by that either Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, or some other celebrity, woman, trendy minority, or sexual dysfunctional doesn’t presume to put forth the latest official pronouncement about some word we mere mortals must be expressly forbidden to say (the latest are “bossy” & “retard” as well as all those words the trendy minorities & sexual dysfunctionals have conveniently labeled slursSNL-Fernando), food we must be forbidden to eat, and all sorts of other inappropriate demands upon us.   Oprah Winfrey recently got into a self-pitying huff because some white saleswoman, who didn’t recognized her, presumed to ask her if she could afford something.   That’s racist!?  Another time Samuel L. Jackson threw an equally self-pitying hissy fit because some white anchorman had the nerve to dare to confuse him with Laurence Fishburne.   That’s racist?!     We now live in an extremely seriously sick world where people care more about the environment, plants and animals than they do about unborn babies, the sick and handicapped and old people.    Anyone who sees how Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes, among others, have ended up shouldn’t have such a hard time figuring out that celebrities are most certainly not role models, and that they should in absolutely no way whatsoever be allowed to tell anyone else how to live his life.   I feel sorry for anyone who lets famous people dictate to him the terms of how he will be expected to live his life.    That can never lead to anything but trouble.


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