to dream the impossible dream

Albert and Clara finally got a chance to take their dream vacation to Spain. She, ever the typical tourist, wanted to go shopping for souvenirs and to visit the centuries-old Dominican, Jesuit and Carmelite cathedrals. He, obsessed with Cervantes’ “Don Quijote” since his childhood, convinced her to go to El Toboso. As they passed the local parish church, they couldn’t help noticing all the decorations in honor of the feast day of its patron saint. Albert’s mind immediately wandered to the early seventeenth century, in a picaresque fantasy. She, resigned by then to his weakness, let him have his moment.



  1. I’m afraid the references went over my uncultured head. I think it would be nice to mix up the sentence structures a little – having used “he,” and “she,” to start the two early sentences, which is nice mirroring, perhaps you could have done something different with the final one. Just a suggestion.


  2. Dear Larry,

    That I love your banner goes without saying. 😉 Can’t top the four lads. I have them above my office window.

    Thank you for the mini vacation. Lovely descriptions and feeling, coupled with good writing made it a pleasant experience.




  3. Larry, I enjoyed the story as well and learned a new word, “picaresque.” To hop into the discussion you and Jen had about the sentence structure for this sentence, “She, resigned by then to his weakness, let him have his moment”, what about “Resigned by then to his weakness, she let him have is moment?” That’s easily done, moves “she” away from the front, and keeps the same words and meaning although of course the rhythm is slightly different. Just a thought.

    I realized last week that we live in the same place. We’re also east of California. 🙂



  4. This is a rather sweet portrayal of a relationship between two people who seem to have been together a very long time. Still with different wants and desires, but able to mesh together in one way or another. Also, thanks for teaching me a new word! Never heard of “picaresque” before, but I rather like it.


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