man smart woman smarter?

I honestly don’t believe, for one second, that women have it any worse than men in this country these days.  If anything men are incessantly put down in the media.   Even a mere  cursory glance at the way men have been portrayed in pop culture, since 1987, very easily demonstrates that the husband and father is always depicted as an object of scorn, contempt and mockery.   For every Cliff Huxtable, there have been countless Al Bundy’s and Homer Simpsons.    As I’ve often said, proponents of our current culture of death want desperately to destroy the traditional family and the best way to do that is to destroy traditional family mores.    We now live in a world where many different groups are competing for victim status.   Where there’s a victim, there must be, by definition, an aggressor.   The aggressor must, by definition, be someone who simply can’t possibly be reasoned with or appeased, and who must, at all times be kept on a nice short leash.   Men today provide women with just such a dreaded and resented foe.    There may be a bit of a double standard, in this country, that gives men a free pass when it comes to scandals, while simultaneously raking women over the coals for the same things.   I truly believe, though, that there is also quite a backlash that fanatically goes toward exactly the opposite extreme. with a my-fanaticism-can-beat-up-on-your-fanaticism vengeance.   It’s truly quite a Hatfield and McCoy situation.


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