i shouted out “who killed the kennedys?” when after all it was you and me

Most people don’t usually bother to refer to the Battle of the Thames, that transpired during the War of 1812.     This battle, though, was the source of an old legend that claims that Tecumseh, the Shawnee Indian chief, was supposed  to have put a curse on the White House.   The curse started in 1840,  when William Henry Harrison, who was a key figure in that battle, became the ninth president.   Harrison died only a monthkennedy after having ascended to the United States presidency.   He was the first of seven presidents who died as incumbents after having been elected  during a year that ended in zero.   The last president to have succumbed to this curse was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was elected in 1960, and assassinated in 1963, though it also came close to claiming the life of Ronald Wilson Reagan, elected in 1980.    Although I’ve most certainly never had any significant interest in the Kennedy family, I’ve always been quite interested in the events surrounding the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy.     The John Kennedy assassination is especially interesting.   Unfortunately I don’t have all the details but even a merely cursory observation of the circumstances surrounding the death of the thirty fifth president can send one’s imagination into flights of fancy.   Starting with Marilyn Monroe on August 5, 1962, and ending with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa on July 30, 1975, there appeared to have been quite an inexplicably long list of deaths among people who were connected to Kennedy by way of some controversial circumstances.   Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dorothy Kilgallen and many others in Kennedy’s world just happened to have conveniently died.   Besides that, the president was known to have had a significant number of enemies who could profit from his death.   Because he was purported to have been quite a ladies’ man, his romantic dalliances may have played a part in the assassination.    He was also a foe of organized crime in spite of their having helped him become president.   His Catholicism was most certainly a source of resentment among the bitterly anti-Catholic Protestants.   Kennedy was also an active Cold Warrior and bitterly opposed communism.    Over the course of the past half century since the assassination, more lies and legends have been handed down about the veracity of the Zapruder film and the Warren Commission’s findings, and whether Oswald acted alone or as part of a conspiracy, than anyone can begin to imagine.   If any event can be described as the perfect crime, the John Kennedy assassination most certainly can.   Even after fifty one years of scholarly debate, medical investigation, folklore and politically expedient lies, no one really has a universally accepted final and definitive answer.



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