i miss the beatles

I wandered into Studio 50 over in Manhattan, where, long ago, the Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. It was such a quiet lonely feeling considering all that had once happened there. All sorts of feelings immediately started finding their way into my imagination as I kept picturing those four young Liverpudlian gentlemen whose further adventures would continuously obsess me over the course of all my lifetime. I was only a toddler when it all first happened but they’re still my favorites. There are only two of them left now.



  1. What an interesting look at the emotions of a fan, and I liked the title, which seems somehow to give it a melancholy edge. It might be worth avoiding the repetition of “feeling” – emotions, for example, in the second time – especially when they come so close together


  2. Dear Larry,

    This reads like nonfiction. Whether it is or isn’t I enjoyed it and so well relate. I was in 5th grade when I watched that Ed Sullivan show on a portable black and white. TV. It began a love affair that has yet to end.
    Nice one. Thanks for the memory. 😉




    1. Dear Rochelle, Thanks for the comment. The Beatles have always been a big obsession with me. I always write about them. I hope we keep reading each other’s blogs from now on. Shalom , Larry


  3. I remember seeing them on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” 🙂 Although not at all obsessed with them (see Rochelle for that), I could feel the emotions of the narrator of your story (you, perhaps?)



  4. I enjoyed your story. It was well-written and interesting. I wasn’t young enough to be that fervent of a fan of the Beatles. I’ve never been that much of a fan of any singing group, although I’ve had my favorites. However, I appreciate their great talent and music. I never saw their movies but have seen them on TV.


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