I’m a back door man

I’m looking out the sliding door and windows right now.   The sky is is an especially appealing light blue with a very bright blazing sun and only a few very small white clouds within eyeshot.   I walked back and forth to 9:00 a.m., Mass,and then to the local coffee shop, a while ago so I know it’s a nice somewhat cool day-a bit cooler than I like it but it’s  quite enchanting-with a bit of a breeze in the air.   Right now Sadie’s outside.  She usually only stays outside for very short periods of time.    There’s a shed over on the far left hand side of the yard.   All the tools and things that are necessary for yard work, maintenance and upkeep are kept in there.  Fairly close to the shed is a grill.   Food always tastes quite good cooked that way.   Unfortunately because spring has yet to take its effect the grass is still brown, with only very little green having come to life so far, and the trees and bushes still have no foliage on them.    There’s also a stone patio, with a small flight of steps, that covers around half the yard.   There’s a somewhat large heavy black thing-I have no idea what it’s called-that’s outside on the patio.   It’s supposed to serve some kind of purpose on especially windy days, for keeping things from being entirely blown away.hippies_use_back_door_flickr_pierre-olivier_carles_500x605  Although Long Beach is officially classified as a city, in many ways it has quite an especially nice suburban atmosphere about it.   At the border of the land there’s a plain wooden slat fence with a much larger plain white fence behind it.    The neighbors’ houses are fairly close.   They’re all typical suburban houses of varying styles.   Of the four  houses I can see from here one is yellow, one is blue, one is white and one is red brick.   Conveniently it’s a fairly quiet neighborhood although the people here most certainly do their share of partying.   As far as I can see none of the nearby neighbors has been out so far this morning.  The only thing I don’t like about this environment is that because we’re so close to Kennedy Airport, planes are constantly flying by here.   The noise always gets me crazy.  Other than that, though, this kind of environment is the very epitome of peace and quiet.   I can see a street lamp, telephone line and satellite dishes in the distance, the typical fixtures in a neighborhood like this.   It’s a nice enough environment for someone to throw a party when one wants people around, and quiet and isolated enough to get  away from people and noise, when he doesn’t want to be bothered with activity.


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