now goodness knows anything goes

When I was young people would have been absolutely ashamed, beyond belief, to behave the way they do now.   I realize that I sound like a typical old fogey, but it’s quite true.   At least in my young days people pretended to doff their hats to reasonably strict mores.  They accepted the facts both that there was a standard to  be followed, and that they had chosen to reject it.   Now people defiantly laugh at legitimate standards of behavior, claiming that people of bygone eras were all hypocrites.   Isn’t that the typical recourse, though, of all ignorant controlling characters.?  Don’t they all blame the world’s ills on the supposed hypocrisy of those who recognize how wrong their ways are?  In previous decades people would hang their heads in shame rather than presuming to condone homosexuality, abortion and otherwise dysfunctional sexual conduct.   Now anyone who says no to those kinds of things is told how abusive he is and that he is the one who simply must change.   Long ago no one would have ever dared publicly to ridicule Christianity either.   Now Christians are the ones being quite specifically told that we, not the opposition, have something to apologize for and to be ashamed of.    Of course I’m most certainly hep enough to recognize that all these problems have always existed.     It’s just that then they were recognized as having been utterly defiant of the legitimate norm.   It’s reflected quite defiantly in our entertainment, politics, journalism and other media.   By now I’ve gotten used to all the crude vulgar rejection of simple common decency but I still understand that there’s something awfully seriously wrong with a world that sees evil as good and good as evil.   We are now expected to encourage and to reward Planned Parenthood and the A.C.L.U., and to scoff at Chick -Fil-A and Hobby Lobby.


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  1. Get over yourself. Who in the world do you think you are? The gender of the sexual partner of an Oncologist who treats children with cancer is hardly relevant.
    Sexual orientation doesn’t determine kindness, generosity, honesty, competence, grace or ethics. Gays can, and many do, contribute more to society than a whole lot of heterosexuals.


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