just say no to the left

I generally tend not to do things that can be referred to as scandalous but I can have a bit too much of a temper and a blunt way of referring to things when I’ve lost my self control.   Can that be considered scandalous or what?  These days liberalism, unfortunately, reigns supreme in our public square.   Both celebrities and political figures are constantly touting their supposed remedies for all of society’s supposed ills.   They glorify the real troubles with the world, including abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, and reverse discrimination, while simultaneously insisting they’re in favor of peace, justice, freedom and equality.   That’s simply not possible.    Not a day goes by that they don’t presume to put some gratuitous restriction on people’s behavior.     Vegetarians try to forbid us to eat or wear anything that comes from animals.   There’s now a movement afoot, by those characters who presume to control the language, to forbid us to say words like ‘retard’ and ‘bossy’.   Have we all gone out of our minds or what?    Homosexuals and victims of other sexual dysfunctions are constantly claiming to be victims of persecution while simultaneously trying to run people’s lives.   Accusations of racism and other things deemed offensive make their way into news headlines daily, and it always turns out to be some minor insignificant thing that doesn’t meet with the approval and permission of some special interest group.    In this sense my behavior can be referred to as quite scandalous because I simply refuse to let the liberals run my life.


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