too stubborn

I’ve always liked to consider myself quite an easygoing fellow.   In my high school yearbook people both gave me credit for having been so good natured and complained of my having been too much of a pushover.    It would make me happy to know that to this very day I’m still exceptionally flexible and good natured.    It’s always been very easy for me to be that way when the question that’s being dealt with is as easy as an argument over round or square pizza.  Unfortunately life’s problems aren’t usually that simple.     I’ve always enjoyed peace and quite to the point of bitterly resenting any kind of people or circumstances I may have to deal with where things are entirely too loud.  I’ve really been known to lose my temper in an environment where excessive noise becomes a problem and I can become quite aggressive about it.    I honestly believe that no one should have to bother with such an intrusion and I’m quite especially tough on anyone who isn’t careful with his cell phone.    That’s one of the areas where I not only show absolutely no mercy whatsoever but I even push things entirely too far, punishing the Scylla of excessive volume with the Charybdis of quite a display of nastiness.    Another area in which I can  be inordinately tough is whenever there’s any debate about anything relative to the culture war.   As everyone knows I’ve always been quite the arch-conservative.    I tend never to budge even slightly in my dealings with liberals.  The questions that are dealt with in any debate of this nature are literally about life and death, freedom and control.    This also ties in with my resentment of being treated unfairly in general.    If I see I’m being pushed into a corner, and expected to accept insulting treatment, or to be begrudged my rightful due, I get quite infuriated.    You can call it affirmative action if you want to.   It’s still reverse discrimination.      I see the spurious arguments and revisionist history the liberals expect us to put up with as analogous to what any manipulator does.   A major part of the problem with liberals is that they barge into every move people make and leave nothing alone.   Everything from language to food is considered  within the purview of their  obsessions.   My excessively stubborn streak is a part of my life in which I have quite a lot of growing up yet to do.    Having read “The Living Flame of Love” by St. John of the Cross, and Dostoyevsky’s  “The Possessed” a few times over the years I should suppose by now I can recognize that the problems that get me crazy in my dealings with other people are the things I most frequently can be most guilty of.


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