our band

I have several relatives who play musical instruments.   My brother in law Steve, a music teacher, plays several instruments and so do my nephews Michael and Sam.   We could invite my cousin the Ronald, who plays the trumpet, as well as a few other musician cousins, to join us.    My cousins Gary and Lanfranco even play the accordion.    I  , a guitarist, have always been obsessively smitten with the music of the 1960’s and the Beatles have always been my very favorites.  Lately I’ve been learning to play Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice , It’s All Right” and “Tangled Up In Blue”,  John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”,  and the Yardbirds’  “For Your Love”.   Several cousins of mine especially enjoy the Who,  Steve is very knowledgeable about jazz and classical music, and the Ronald’s son Rich (aka Italo) can really keep us abreast of all the currently popular styles because he’s worked with pop music for all his adult life.   With his connections he can be very helpful in getting us jobs and publicity.     Knowing how obnoxious and pushy each of us has always tended to be, naturally there will be some inevitable tension among us.   Because we’ve all known each other for such an exceptionally long time, though, at least there won’t be any of the problems that always arise with people who are complete newcomers to each other’s lives.    By now we all know each other’s shortcomings, tastes, weird ideas and attitude problems.     Another problem would be distance.    We don’t all live in the same place so we should have to go to a lot of trouble to make plans, only on special occasions, to get together.   Naturally some of us enjoy the kinds of music which others can’t stand so  that can really like to trouble.     Well over twenty years ago, my cousin Vinnie and I tried to play Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” and the Allman Brothers’  “Ramblin’ Man” together.   Perhaps we can all get together to see how those song sound with the addition of accordion and trumpet.  As far as I can see each band has its own distinctive persona.    Ours would be awfully seriously difficult to explain or to understand.


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