two very scary trips to massapequa

scoop-slide In December, right after I first got to Long Beach, I knew I couldn’t spend a significant length of time here without making sure I got a chance to visit my two cousins in Massapequa and their families.   I tried to get in touch with Larry but because he hardly ever bothers with his cell phone I ended up talking to Gary first.   Larry eventually returned my call and asked me to visit him.   I went over to Massapequa that Sunday morning, a couple of hours after Mass,  and spent the day with him, Rose, Eddie, and Jennifer and both her kids.     After a fairly short time we all went over to Amityville to visit Aunt Norma.    We spent a very nice time there except that the elevators were too slow and the music too loud.     It happened to have been snowing very violently all that day and night.   I got into my car and drove down to the exit to get onto the Loop Parkway.   I took the Loop to the Meadowbrook and then to the Southern State.   Fortunately I recognized them all because of my having spent so much of my life around here.    Unfortunately the weather conditions turned the entire trip, each way, into an absolute nightmare for me.    On top of that, on the way back to Long Beach, I absent mindedly  got off at exit 23,  Meadowbrook Road, instead of exit 22,  the Meadowbrook Parkway.    My nerves have always given me trouble so I was seriously frustrated with all the excessive and entirely unwelcome precipitation.    We all had such an exceptionally nice time though.    Eventually I called Gary again and we made plans for me to visit him and his family.    Yet again it was on a Sunday, a few hours after Mass.    That day the weather was very bad because of rain.     Instead of  the Southern State, I got off the Meadowbrook onto Montauk Highway at the exit for Freeport and Merrick.    Each way I could, yet again, barely see where I was going.    When I got there Gary and Mary were their with both her parents, Tony and Carmela.    Tina and her boyfriend Doug were there too.    From there we went to  an anniversary party a short distance away for Maria’s sister Giuseppina and her husband Adrian.    Several of Maria’s relatives were there including Dino’s and Roseanne’s both kids.    Of course as always we made quite sure we made time to visit Aunt Norma.


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