Two weekends ago, on Veteran’s Day,  I went to the first annual fund raising banquet for the local Catholic radio station, WJMJ, where I am a volunteer.    I really like being involved wtih them because it’s so important to keep the Catholic media alive in Obama’s America.   Unfortunately most states don’t have a Catholic radio station.   That includes even New York although this station was originally based in Buffalo.   Tickets were twenty five dollars each.    It was at St. Anthony of Padua Church at St. Barbara’s Parish in Exeter.    Predictably, all the regulars showed up & many of them were from St. Monica’s including Fr. Leo McKernan, who’s part of the station’s staff.    It’s owned by Ed & Carol Ann Niewinski.   Fr. Paul McDonnell, O.S.J., was the principal celebrant at 4:00 Mass.    After Mass we all went next door for a reception.   Immediately at the end of Mass Ed turned to me & asked me to go next door & to help take the money for the tickets.    The food was exceptionally good.   It was catered by a local company, Arcaro & Genell, in Old Forge.    The guest speaker was Fred Berretta, who was a passenger on Captain Chesley (Sully )Sullenberger’s U.S. Airways flight 1549, the flight that has been named the Miracle on the Hudson.   Berretta gave a very impressive speech & asked people to read the book he’s written about the ill~fated trip.   

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